It’s easy to say you want to give diversity a voice, but actions will always speak louder. We believe that diversity happens when one is intentional about it. Stomping Ground Comedy is committed to diversity and inclusion because this art form will die if it does not fulfill the promise that “improv is for everyone” and make sure all voices are heard and represented with dignity and respect. We want our space to be a reflection of the DFW community; one that showcases the people, performers, and perspectives that make Dallas different. We don’t want to merely give diverse groups their allotted time or corner of the sky; we want all of our shows and flagship teams to reflect the diversity of DFW and we seek to diversify improv as a whole. At Stomping Ground Comedy we don’t believe in merely making space at the table, we think you should just take the whole table. Byron Stamps and Ashley Rountree, the Stomping Ground Comedy Diversity Director and Women’s Advocate, respectively, work to make the theater and training center a place that finds and gives a voice to people from all backgrounds and walks of life. Their strategy is to find artists in different disciplines throughout the community and to introduce them to Stomping Ground for improv, bringing word of mouth and validity to improv. Once in the door, Stomping Ground ensure participants will have continuing opportunities and support.

Stomping Ground offer:

  • Scholarships a’plenty without a lengthy application process
  • Outreach and support for diverse groups of people within the community as well as individual performers within the Stomping Ground community
  • Personal mentoring and guidance
  • Marketing and outreach for POC programming specifically
  • A Monthly All-Female FREE Comedy Jam, Ma’am Jam
  • Bi-monthly female-driven and female-produced show focusing on comedy through the female gaze, Not Your Momma’s Ingenue
  • A Bi-Monthly Melting Pot Multi-Cultural Pot Luck & Improv Jam
  • Improv for Life Programming specifically designed for those in the community with unique needs
  • Monthly Just Kidding Improvised Fairy Tale Show, which is open to all ages and has Pay What You Can pricing

The Student Scholarship is open to current college students with an interest in using Stomping Ground training as a way to pursue a career in performance, writing or directing. The scholarship will be based largely on need and talent and the goal of this scholarship is to assist a talented individual to further pursue their field. If chosen for this scholarship, it may be applied to any single level of the student’s chosen program. The applicant may reapply for this scholarship for multiple classes if needed.

Financial Scholarship Application

Diversity Scholarship Application