Mission Statement

Stomping Ground educates, entertains, and empowers the community – connecting people through comedy. And we won’t stop till everybody’s laughing.

Why Nonprofit?

Stomping Ground has no owner, no shareholders, and no bottom line. What we do have is a group of passionate people with a common goal. Not having a bottom line means that we can focus on how best to serve our students, patrons, and community.

Our funding comes from entertainment revenue, individual donations, or state or federal grants applied to our therapeutic programs for those with special needs. And when we have a great year, our funding goes back into making our programs even greater.

We simply want to share what we love with those who love what we do, and make an impact while making people laugh. Below we listed a few other things we feel passionately about.


By working closely with charities, advocacy centers, organizations, schools, and more, we hope to bring laughter to the community at large. We believe the study of comedy has the power to liberate creativity, empower communication, and build bridges within our community. We also offer scholarships, discounts, and internships to ensure the art of comedy is accessible to all.


We’re here to help you find your “tribe.” From mixers for parents and retirees to preschool reading programs, we hope to offer something for every member of our community.


When it comes to other comedy-makers, we believe in “coopertition” over competition. When we support our competitors as we explore the craft of comedy it benefits the art form as a whole. Coopetition encourages learning from each other and assisting your “competitors” when you can, which leads to a more skilled, knowledgeable community producing higher-quality work!


Collaboration cultivates creativity. We offer a hub for comedians to explore and experiment together, so we can continue to expand our existing arts community.


It’s easy to say you want to give diversity a voice, but actions will always speak louder. We believe that diversity happens when one is intentional about it. At Stomping Ground, we want our space to be a reflection of our community; one that showcases the people, performers, and perspectives that make Dallas different. With our dedicatd in-house Diversity Director at the helm, we hope to create a culture that celebrates diversity within our walls.

It is our promise to offer the following:

  • Diversity & Outreach scholarships each term
  • Active recruitment of diverse students and performers
  • Programs and programming that reflect our diversity
  • Casting representative of our many cultures