The Stomping Ground Conservatory is the most direct route to becoming a performer on our stage. 

The program is 8 weeks of instruction focused on individual development and the process of creating an original form. The final 4 weeks of the term includes a weekly performance in front of a live audience at Stomping Ground Theater. 

At terms end, students may have the opportunity to be placed on a CORE team that performs regularly on our stage.

Conservatory class and shows take place on Thursday evenings from 7-10 pm.

Auditions for Fall Conservatory Term are Sunday, August 26th from 8-10 pm at Stomping Ground Comedy Theater. Students must be a graduate of Level 4 of the Stomping Ground Improv Program OR have an equivalent level of training and/or improv performance experience.

Fill out the form below to sign up for an audition. Our Conservatory Director will follow up with you via email.

Questions? Check out the Conservatory FAQ at the bottom of this page.

Conservatory Frequently Asked Questions

Q: So I can audition for the Conservatory even if I haven’t gone through Levels 1-4?
A: Yep! But you must have completed (finished the highest level) of an improvisational comedy training program. This can be one of the local comedy training centers or a training center in another city. We will also consider anyone who hasn’t been through a training program but feels they have an equivalent level of improv performance experience.

Q: If I audition and don’t get in can I audition again?
A: Absolutely! You’re welcome to audition as many times as you would like, and you may find the results are different.  Each set of auditions brings different people with different skill sets, and your own growth as performer. We will have auditions each term (2 months). 

Q: Who decides if I’m chosen for the Conservatory?
A: The Conservatory Director and members of the Creative Team make these decisions and will provide feedback to those not chosen. They have a set criteria they use and this criteria is available to you upon request.

Q: If I am chosen when will my shows be?
A: Your shows will be during your class time. The Conservatory classes will always be held on Thursday nights from 7-10.

Q: What happens after my 4 weeks of shows is complete?
A: You may be asked to join a Stomping Ground CORE Team. If you are not chosen for a CORE Team you can attend the Level 5 Conservatory in the future without having to audition.

Q: Wait. What’s a Core Team?
A: Stomping Ground core teams will perform regularly at Stomping Ground Theater on an ongoing basis.

Q: If I finished Level 4 at Stomping Ground do I have to audition for the Conservatory or can I stop there?
A: You aren’t required to go on to the Level 5 Conservatory. You can complete your training with Level 4 and be considered a “Graduate” of our improv training program but not pursue performance. However, if you have gone through levels 1-4 at Stomping Ground, you are eligible to sign-up for the Level 5 Conservatory without having to audition (guaranteed spot).

Q: I have stuff on Thursday nights that I can’t get out of. Is this the only time you offer for Conservatory?
A: Currently, yes. But that may change in the future so be sure to sign up for our email list to stay updated.

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