Storytelling – Spring 2020


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Storytelling Level One
(No prerequisites)

Sundays, 1-4 pm
March 8-April 19
Instructor: Sydney Plant

Students will learn storytelling techniques that will prepare them to tell personal stories in front of live audiences. This class will provide an overview of the tradition of storytelling, the role of humor in storytelling, and the vulnerability and candor needed to share compelling stories.  Students will be required to write their stories early in the term and they will work to refine them as the course progresses.  Class members will also be encouraged to support one another and provide feedback.  Students will receive individual coaching near the end of the term and the class will receive a student showcase.
  • Overview of Storytelling Traditions
  • Structure of a Compelling Story
  • How to Choose a Story Worthy of an Audience
  • The Role of Honesty and Vulnerability in Storytelling
  • Invoking Humor into Your Story
  • Stage Presence for Storytelling