How are you involved at SG?

I am a student performer.

*Jasmine is a Spring 2019 Graduate from our Improv Training Center

What brought you to SG?

I wanted to learn the craft of improvisation and I have done that and more! I love how nurturing the atmosphere is at SG. It’s taught me to trust myself and open myself to trust and support others! Also and most importantly its taught me to appreciate moments.

What comedy project are you currently working on?

I am preparing to star and produce a web series called “I Luh Jas”. It’s a modern day spin on “I Love Lucy” about me and my life as a wife, mother and performer. I am so excited to see this vision come to fruition!

*Jasmine was also recently added to the cast of #Washed, now streaming on Amazon Prime!

Who are your comedy idols?

Whoopi Goldberg. She is so versatile, so fluid in her characterizations. My life changed after watching her one woman show! Dave Chapelle, he is a comedic genius, his timing, his call backs, the dry humor…simply his command for the craft is incredible. Jordan Peele is creeping into my favorite category. He was absolutely genius in Key & Peele. Every character he portrayed had a life of their own…it was beautiful to see.

What are your hobbies outside of comedy?

I am an actress AND I LOVE IT! I dabble in song, I love to write, LOVE video games, I love sports especially basketball and pretty soon I want to learn how to barber…I’m sure my son will love me for it.

What else is there to know about you?

The moment to moment in improv helped me solidify a role in a SAG Feature film. That’s HUGE!

Jasmine is represented by Kim Dawson and can be seen performing anywhere and everywhere she gets the chance. She can be found on Twitter and Instagram at @jshanise.