Stomping Ground held its first ever Staff Appreciation and Awards Party, organized by the Board of Directors and sponsored by Peticolas Brewery, Raising Canes, and Ferris Wheeler’s Backyard & BBQ.

It was a night of laughter, fun, and awards!

Awards were voted upon by the staff and performers. Board Members Andrea Kyprianou Baum, Ashli McLeod, and Jessica Roth presented multiple awards to the staff and instructor team while Executive Directors Jocelyn Tiner, Lindsay Goldapp, Baum, and Lindsey Hertel handed out multiple awards to teams, shows, and performers!

There were also karaoke performances, including Danny Gallagher with a silently rousing Uptown Funk, Chris Sanders with Total Eclipse of the Heart, John Dixon with Gay Messiah, Ashley Jones with Maybe This Time, and a rousing group version of Como la Flor by Natalia Borja, Diane Michelle, Alicia Nava, Chris Sanders, and Tiffani Rodriguez just to name a few.

Here is a full list of all the winners of the night:


These individuals were the pulse of SG on the weekends and their hard work, countless hours, and care kept the theater thriving!

Diane Michelle

Natalia Borja

Arturo Garcia

Tiffani Rodriguez

Greg Smith

Robbi Holman

SG Angels

SG could not stay afloat without the help of these individuals. Not only are they hard-working and kind, but also dependable, talented, and funny.

Danny Gallagher

Clint Gilbert

Ashley Jones

Alicia Nava

Austin Roberts

Erin Singleton

Jenny Stoneking

Cao Tran

Michael Corbett

Scott Salhanik

Staff Awards

Light at the End of the Tunnel AwardMost Likely to See the Positive When the Sh*t is Hitting the Fan: Jocelyn Tiner

White Night Award- Most Likely to Save the Day: Diane Michelle

Triple Threat AwardMost Involved and Good at Everything: Jacie Hood

Playground AwardMost Likely to Make Any Moment Working with Them Fun: Ashley Rountree

David Bowie AwardNever Fails to Make Magic When Given An Assignment: Brooks Powers

Mom AwardAlways There to Listen To Your Problems, Give the Best Advice, but Still Call You Out On Your Sh*t: Lindsay Goldapp

Dad AwardMost Likely to Listen to Your Problems and Then Buy You a Beer: Cameron Goldapp

Loch Ness AwardLeast Likely to Be Found: Aaron Aryanpur

Confetti AwardMost Likely to Find a Reason to Celebrate: Diane Michelle

Small Wonder AwardMost Likely to Spreadsheet your Problems Away and Create a Genius Solution: Jocelyn Tiner

Beyonce AwardMost Likely to Help Out When Needed and Look Fierce When Doing It: Lindsey Hertel

Mr. Nice Guy AwardNicest and Most Helpful Instructor: Greg Mihalik

The Tarantino AwardInstructor Mostly Likely to Make You Have Your Biggest Breakthrough: Jason Folks

Mr. Fun Guy AwardMost Fun Instructor: Cameron Goldapp

The Feels AwardInstructor Most Likely to be Moved to Tears in Class and Connect with Students : Jason Folks

The Oprah AwardMost Inspiring Instructor : Rachel Farmer

The Cheerleader AwardMost Encouraging Instructor: Tyler Via

The Carebear AwardInstructor Who Cares About Their Students the Most: Greg Silva

Performer Awards

Oscar Award- Most Likely to Win a Real Oscar: Chris Sanders

Mommy Dearest Award- Most Likely to Play Your Mom in a Scene: Jacie Hood

Funny Bone Award- Most Likely to Get the Biggest Laughs: Jim Kuenzer

Killer Performer Award- Most Likely to Kill Someone in a Scene: Rachel Farmer

Clutz Award- Most Likely to Injure Themselves Onstage: Lauren Oxford

The Drifter Award- Most Likely to Go Out into the Audience During a Scene: Tyler Via

The Breaker Award- Most Likely to “Break” in a Scene: Meili Chao

The Stardom Award- Breakthrough Performer of the Year: Katie Dallas

The Hills Are Alive Award- Mostly Likely to Burst Into Song Onstage: John Dixon

Support Bra Award- Mostly Likely to Support You In a Scene: Logan Romero

Andy Kaufman Award- Always Has the Best Characters: Remington Fenter

Amazing Race Award- Most Likely to Amaze You: Jamie Zeske

Best Sketch Performer– Cotton Hensley

Best Musical Improviser- Greg Mihalik

Best Stand Up Comedian: Latrice Wilkerson

Best Performer– Lindsay Goldapp

Team & Show Awards

Chemistry Nerd Award- Team/Show with the Best Chemistry: Hometown Heroes

Pig Award- Team/Show Most Likely to Make You Laugh So Hard You Snort: Irregular Nonsense

Wild Thing Award- Team/Show With the Wildest Characters: Texas Sketch Show Massacre

Energizer Bunny Award- Team/Show With the Best Energy: D Word

Shock Yo Momma Award- Team/Show With the Most Absurd Content: Baby Cats

Unique New York Award- Team/Show With the Most Unique Format: Quest in Show

Best Musical Group: Sondheimlich Maneuver

Best House Team: Sound Garden

Best Sketch Show: Tech Tock

Best Visiting Show: Women of Candor

The night was one to remember. Special thanks to Peticolas, Ferris Wheeler’s, Raising Cane’s, August Edwards, Michael K Bruner Photography, and the Board of Directors for a great evening.

Click here for the full round up of photos by Michael Bruner.