Stomping Ground is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) charitable organization. The founders of the organization chose this model because it allows us to keep the focus on our charitable causes and serving the students and patrons. Being partially funded through grants, donations, and sponsorships helps us keep the focus on our mission rather than the “bottom line.” While some of the trainings, shows, and programs we offer cost money, the revenue generated serves to fund our charitable services and helps keep our costs down. We offer a variety of shows and the best comedy training in town, yet are also able keep our ticket prices, trainings, and class prices low. And because we are a nonprofit, all of our revenue goes right back into our organization. You can rest assured that money spent on tickets and classes are serving others who may not be able to afford a show or a class.


We think it is important for you to know how your money is spent. So here are just a few ways we use your generous donations no matter the amount:

$5- Pays the difference for a student ticket (this helps us allow for students to see our shows for only $5)

$5- buys 48 bottles of water for our performers

$10- provides free snacks for a kids camp

$10- covers someone’s admission to a Pay What You Can event

$10- Helps stock our green room Performer wall with bobby pins, safety pins, lint rollers, mints, and more.


We strongly believe in paying performers and artists and we make every effort to do so. Not only do we pay instructors a competitive rate in order to maintain a high standard of instruction, but it is our goal to compensate all of our mainstage performers as our organization grows.


Your donations help us pay artists in the following ways:
$25- Pays the person in the tech booth for a show and helps us put on professional, quality performances

$50 Helps us pay an intimacy director for a show and keeps actors safe

$50 Helps us pay a fight coordinator for a show and keeps actors safe

$50- Pays a Musical Director for a show

$100- helps us pay for a hotel room for a visiting artist/performer (like Kevin McDonald!)

$200- helps buy a flight for a visiting artist

Any amount helps us pay groups like Irregular Nonsense, our most popular improv team, who are all performers on the autism spectrum and keep their audience laughing and inspired.

Any amount helps pay our staff, many whom work for a small stipend, salary, or on a volunteer basis. Our goal is that we are able to pay everyone who gives their time, expertise, or artistry.


The heart and soul of Stomping Ground Comedy is our Improv for Life program. In the past year, we have been able to serve over 1400 people with fun yet therapeutic classes aimed at mental wellness and self-expression. We believe strongly that therapeutic services should be accessible to ALL. Our goal for the future is that all of our Improv for Life classes, trainings, and services are free, but until then the fees, tuitions, and donations help fund classes for those who can’t otherwise afford it. Through paid signups and donations, we are able to offer scholarships for our Improv for Anxiety class, Improv for Autism class, and Improv for Caregivers class.

Here are where your dollars go when you make a donation:
$25- Pays our gas money for a Caregivers convention

$50-$125- Pays an instructor for a free hour-long Improv for Life workshop in the community

$75- Pays for one scholarship for our Improv for Anxiety Kids Workshop

$95- Pays for one scholarship for a 3-hr Improv for Caregivers workshop

$95- Pays for one scholarship for a 3-hr Improv for Autism workshop

$320- Pays for one scholarship for our Improv for Autism or Improv for Anxiety 7-week class


Stomping Ground has a robust scholarship program, and your small donations add up to support this program in a big way. At SG, we think that pursuing your passion should be possible. We think anyone who wants to pursue comedy, improve their confidence or communication skills, or express their creativity should be able to do so. We also believe that improv should be inclusive and every voice should be heard and celebrated within our walls and on our stage, so we have a Diversity & Outreach Scholarship program and Student Scholarship program. In 2018 we have already provided over 40 scholarships to students.


Our scholarship program also includes our children’s programs. Lots of kids want to come to summer camp but not every parent can afford it. Each summer we offer several scholarships for kids and provide them a safe, fun environment. In 2018 we provided 10 children with scholarships to our summer Kids Comedy Camps.

Our theater doesn’t have frills, but our goal is to make it a safe creative environment. Your donations alone allow us do this. We have done a lot of work over the past few weeks to improve and maintain our space and are doing a lot of work to improve our space over the next couple of weeks.


Here are a few improvements we have made or have on the docket to better serve our patrons and students:

1) We are adding an ADA compliant wheelchair ramp

2) We added another electrical circuit in our box office so it would stop overloading

3) We repaired our water fountain and secured it to the wall

4) We added a changing table for parents with infants

5) We are adding a wall to separate our storage area from our patrons for safety purposes


So as you can see, your donations and sponsorships go a long way in keeping our institution safe, fun, and inclusive.
If you’re low on cash but want to support us, there are many ways to do so. Our organization thrives because of volunteers doing everything from working the box office to admin duties. Please fill out our Volunteer Form and we will find the best way for you to help!
We appreciate your support on this Giving Tuesday!

Lindsay Goldapp

Managing Director/Co-Founder

Stomping Ground Comedy