Purchase a Dad-o-Gram for Father’s Day

This Father’s day you may not be able to see dear old dad, but don’t let that stop you from giving him a unique gift that is sure to make you the favorite child! Give him a Dad-O-Gram from Stomping Ground, a customized song performed for him over the phone or Zoom on his special day (pssst June 21). The Stomping Ground Singers will get loads of information all about Dad like his catchphrase and that article of clothing he just WON’T stop wearing even though it hasn’t been cool since 1978, and we’ll turn it into a funny song just for him! The more we know about Dad the better; what we don’t know we’ll keep light and funny. You choose the genre of music (blues, country, or classic rock), a 2-hr window on Father’s Day where Dad will get a call (or for a little extra cash, a Zoom where you can join in!) and voila- we’ll make Dad laugh with his one-of-a-kind ditty. Order yours today because the quantity is limited!

*Once you purchase, you’ll be sent a form to fill out so we can get info about Dad and so you can choose your window of time when you’d like Dad to get his call (or your time for a Zoom call). You’ll also get to choose the genre of music that Dad would love best and the gender of the singer (if you have a preference). Pre-recording is also available for a fee. We are committed to customization, quality, and comedy!