Announcing: Changes to Tickets and Ticket-Buying

Thank you so much for being a patron and community member at Stomping Ground! We’re reaching out to provide notice of a change to our ticket structure and prices coming September 1, 2023.

On September 1, we will be moving to a new platform for show ticket sales. Shows will move from Eventbrite to Humanitix, an event ticket platform that is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization. 

We are thrilled to adopt a non-profit ticket platform that provides us with all the tools we need to do business and aligns with our values. Humanitix has a mission of “bringing people together to inspire and invest in humanity” and gives 100% of its ticket booking fees to children’s charities. To date, they have donated over $2.5 million to their partners and helped children gain access to health care, education, and greater opportunities. As you pay your booking fees to see a show at Stomping Ground Comedy you’ll be making the world better in multiple ways by giving back to not one but two non-profit charitable organizations.

As part of this change of our show ticket platform, we will now be passing the booking fees to our patrons rather than those fees being covered by our organization. Over the course of the past six years, Stomping Ground has paid approximately $50,000 in ticket booking fees to Eventbrite. As a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, passing booking fees on to patrons will allow us to better serve our mission and put more money towards paying our creative artists, performers, instructors, and staff. 

Additionally, we will be increasing the price of tickets at the door in order to cover fees at our Point of Sale. We hope that you’ll take advantage of the presale tickets; buying your tickets in advance will remain the best value and continue to allow us to plan staffing for the evening.

With these changes, we hope that you’ll continue to be a fan and patron of Stomping Ground. Since Stomping Ground is BYOB and requires no minimum purchase for patrons after buying your show ticket and parking is FREE, the price of your experience remains a great value and is the same or less than other local venues.

We appreciate your continued support of Stomping Ground, our mission, and live comedy!

The Stomping Ground Leadership Team