Meet the Cast of The Improvised Hallmark Christmas Movie

If there’s one thing everyone loves during the holidays, it’s a movie about an advertising account executive who quits her busy corporate gig in New York to move home to rural Vermont and run her family’s failing Christmas tree farm – and finds love with the local bartending hunk with a heart of gold in the process. You can watch us make up a holiday meet cute on the spot with the Improvised Hallmark Christmas Movie at 7:30 pm on December 15, 16, 22, and 23 at Stomping Ground Comedy Theater

Meet the folks who’ll be meeting cute and saving the town’s holiday traditions from the clutches of some evil-doer:

Kayla Parker

Kayla has been performing for over 20 years in many cities and stages including the Eisemann Center in Richardson, at various anime conventions across the South and West of the U.S., and at Stomping Ground.. You can see her perform monthly at Stomping Ground as a part of Take One Improv and the all female murder mystery improv group Funny Femme Fatales. She is also proud to perform with the Alternative Comedy Theatre in their improvised Dungeons & Dragon show Goofs & Goblins. For any anime fans out there, Kayla provides her voice to a variety of different shows in Crunchyroll as a voice actor. She is so excited to get into the spirit of Christmas with the Improvised Hallmark Christmas Movie!

Andrea Baum

Andrea is a Co-Founder of Stomping Ground and Improv for Life and Improv for Work Director. Using her experience as a psychotherapist, she has designed and created Improv for Life, a series of therapeutic improv classes and workshops for several unique needs populations. She received her BS at Texas Christian University and her Master’s of Education in Counseling at the University of North Texas. She works towards the accessibility of improv comedy training for all. She also has been learning and performing improv since 2014 and completed improv programs at Stomping Ground and Dallas Comedy House.

Steven Martin

Steven has been with Stomping Ground for over a year now, with Improvised Hallmark Christmas Movie being his fourth show! Steven’s top holiday memory is watching the Schwarzenegger classic Jingle All The Way. Also, Steven promises he did not use chatGPT to help him write this bio. 

Jacob Alexander

Jacob is excited to return to the Improvised Hallmark Christmas Movie for his third year (humble brag). Jacob is a graduate of Abilene Christian University with a bachelor’s in Acting and has maintained neither the career nor the religion. Jacob is unemployed. He would like to thank his wife for her money and his podcasts for supporting him.

Elizabeth Robinson

Liz is a DFW area native who loves giving back to the community where she was raised. She works at The Family Place as the Senior Manager of Retail Partnerships and Partners Card, and believes strongly in the role nonprofits play in the enrichment of our communities. Liz performs improv with a few Stomping Ground groups including Funny Femme Fatales, Take One, and Side Scroll.

Danielle Yoshiko Phillips

Danielle is a professional actor and improviser represented by the Clutts Agency on-camera and with Linda McAlister for voice-over. She has studied improv at Second City, Comedy Sportz, and with coaches from the Groundlings and iO. The skills Danielle has learned on stage have also helped her in front of the camera. When she’s not performing you can find her riding horses, walking her dog, and practicing Kung Fu. Danielle is also a part of Take One, an improv troupe that specializes in performing at pop culture conventions across the country.

Siali Siaosi

Siali joined Stomping Ground as a student in 2023. His Christmas traditions include seeing holiday decorations in rich neighborhoods and eating whipped cream straight from the can. Siali’s favorite holiday movies are the talent show scene in Mean Girls and more recently the bathtub scene in Saltburn. 

Zachary Barrera

Zachary is a Logistics and Supply Chain professional with Hitachi, and spends most of his day sitting in front of a computer mashing on a keyboard. Since he’s only getting older, he wanted to take a stab at voice acting and comedy and one of his coaches recommended Stomping Grounds’ improv courses. He’s currently in Improv Level 5 and is loving every bit of his time here at SG. The Christmas time of the year reminds him of Christmas, and what better way to celebrate Christmas and get into the Christmas spirit than by bringing some cheer to those with a Christmas comedy show about Hallmark Christmas movies. He’s never stepped foot into a Hallmark Store.

Parker Coppins

Parker is a successful YouTuber, actor, entrepreneur, and host of the popular Disney television series ‘Parker Plays.’

Grab your tickets to The Improvised Hallmark Christmas Movie here! You have four chances to catch the show; December 15, 16, 22, 23 at 7:30.