At Stomping Ground Comedy, we want our space to be a reflection of the DFW community – one that showcases the people, performers, and perspectives that make Dallas unique. We don’t want to merely give diverse groups their allotted time or corner of the sky; we want all of our shows and flagship teams to reflect the diversity of DFW and we seek to diversify improv as a whole. We are committed to making our theater and training center a place that finds and amplifies voices from all backgrounds and walks of life. 

The Adult Student Scholarship is open to those with an interest in using Stomping Ground training as a way to pursue a career in performance, writing or directing. Scholarship selection is based on whether students are from a diverse or marginalized population, financial need, and commitment and interest in comedy. If chosen for this scholarship, it is applicable for the entirety of the student’s training at Stomping Ground. 

Diversity and Accessibility Scholarship