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Struggle with Social Situations? Stomping Ground Comedy Theatre Provides Tools and a Safe Space to Practice Them

Research shows that participating in an Improv class can potentially lessen your social anxiety; just ask Stomping Ground Comedy Theatre’s Improv for Life program director, Andrea K. Baum, M.Ed., LPC. She and Artistic Director, Lindsay Goldapp, hosted Dallas CBT’s social anxiety group on Monday, August 28. 

The group learned that the tools to being successful in improv are the same tools needed for successful social interactions. They were challenged to engage in improv exercises that pushed them to be in the present moment, think spontaneously, and make decisions on the spot. The improv games and exercises were fun, accessible, and enlightening. 

Throughout the class, Andrea would process with the group, showing how participants could apply the games to real-life scenarios. She emphasized the importance of staying in the moment, listening, and responding authentically in improv and in life. Throughout the class, the group was asked to monitor their anxiety levels on a scale of 1- 10 using mindfulness and visualization techniques. Many reported feeling less anxious and more empowered after the class was over.

Dallas CBT staff members Grant and Christopher jumped right into the improv exercises with their group members. They were delighted to see how easily they and their group members were able to participate.  Afterward, both gave a positive report of the class.

We appreciate y’all and really enjoyed the experience. Group members have all given positive feedback!

– Christopher, DuFour, LPC

About Dallas CBT, from Grant W.O. Holland, Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist and Director
Group therapy for social anxiety offers an effective way to confront feared social situations and improve social skills in a supportive environment. Dallas CBT has offered exposure-based group treatments for social anxiety since 2014, and Christopher DuFour, LPC, has been the primary social anxiety specialist for the past two years. More information about their approach can be found at

See for Yourself
Stomping Ground Comedy Theater’s Improv for Life program continues to empower the community through comedy that cares. Check out all the therapeutic improv classes offered under their Improv for Life program; or, if you’re looking to act like a pro, try out a class from their Training Center. Co-founders Andrea and Lindsay look forward to hosting Dallas CBT again in the future and hope that others in the community will try a class or see a show at Stomping Ground Comedy Theater. It might just change your life!

Taking an improv class is a great way to sharpen your communication skills, explore the world of comedy, and stretch yourself in a supportive environment

Andrea Baum, M.Ed., LPC, Improv for Life Director

Sydney Daly

Improv for Life Intern

Master’s Candidate for Clinical Mental Health Counseling with specialization in Drama Therapy

Stomping Ground Co-Founders and Improv for Life Instructors Andrea K. Baum, M.Ed., LPC, and Lindsay Goldapp with Christopher DuFour, LPC and Grant W.O. Holland, Ph.D