Meet the Cast of Midnight Vault

Nowadays you can watch pretty much whatever you want whenever you want to, often on more than one screen simultaneously while your brain slowly melts from the mass and velocity of information streaming into it moment by moment. But imagine this: just a few decades ago, you had to watch whatever was on TV. And if you were up with insomnia or waiting for him to call, you had one companion to keep you company: the midnight B movie. Whether horror, suspense, or sci-fi, these low-budget flicks were there for you when no one else was – because it was the 50s and no one had Instagram yet. 

At Stomping Ground Comedy Theater, Midnight Vault brings back the midnight movie experience for an audience that probably didn’t get to experience it the first time around. This month you can enjoy Midnight Vault: When Animals Attack on Friday and Saturday March 29th and 30th at 7:30 pm. Bring a date, bring a friend, or bring your grandma so she can remember what she was watching while your grandpa tried to get fresh on a Saturday night in 1956. 

Here are the folks who’ll be bringing you all the action: 

Milo Michelle Wilder

Melanie Robinson

Joel Jenkins

Tristen Rouse

Will Holston

Josh Reus

Kimber Martin

Ade Ajayi

Stephanie Bell

Lynsey Hale

Ianne Warshawsky

John Gerhardt

Whitney Peters

*Not Pictured- Michele Hill

Greg Mihalik, Director

Greg is Training Center Director, Curriculum Lead for the Improv program, producer, and instructor at Stomping Ground. He received his bachelor’s in theatre from Lehigh University and his MFA in Playwriting from Rutgers University. Greg has been teaching theatre arts for middle school, high school, college-age students, and adults for almost 20 years and currently teaches improvisation, drama, and directs the middle school musical at Greenhill School in Dallas. In 2012, he took his first improv class at the Hideout Theatre in Austin, later moving to New York City where he completed the conservatory program at the Magnet Theater and performed on musical and non-musical house teams, Pyros & Titan.  At Stomping Ground, Greg has directed and produced My F-d Up Thanksgiving, The Midnight Vault, and THUNDERDOME.  He regularly performs musical improv in Broadway(ish) and with Spaghetti Confetti.  He periodically performs with the musical improv duo, Too Shy Guys, throughout the state of Texas. He co-created the Improv for Anxiety class with Andrea Baum, LPC and developed the curriculum for improv and musical improv at Stomping Ground.